Leading with Credibility

Do you…

  • wonder how others describe you when you are not in the room?

  • seek to build more trust –based relationships across your organisation?

  • get frustrated because there are so many exciting things to do but no time to do them?

  • feel concerned about amount of change that you and others are having to deal with?

  • wonder why you can influence person A yet have no progress with person B?

  • want to build a high-performing team around you?

Come and join our Leading with Credibility programme

The Leading with Credibility programme is a leadership development programme with a difference – it gives participants the chance to work with business professionals from other industries and provides them with the tools and techniques to make tangible differences in their own roles and with their own teams.

Programmes for 2019 have already received amazing feedback from those taking part and so, based on this, we are launching next year’s programme which will begin in March 2020.

Participants tell us that the programme has given them the space to consider and shape their own personal leadership style, the courage to face into the things they feel they want to and a broader understanding of leadership through working with such a diverse group of people. You can hear more about their experiences and the impact that the programme has had. Click the pic !

What questions do you have ? Click for FAQ’s

Alternatively would you like to run this programme within your organisation or with your team ? Email us to register your interest and find out more.