Leading with Credibility

Do you…

           wonder how others describe you when you are not in the room?

           seek to build more trust –based relationships across your organisation?

           get frustrated because there are so many exciting things to do but no time to do them?

           feel concerned about amount of change that you and others are having to deal with?

           wonder why you can influence person A yet have no progress with person B?

           want to build a high-performing team around you?

Come and join our Leading with Credibility programme

The Leading with Credibility programme is unique; unlike other programmes we do not take a `pre-written off the shelf` programme and deliver it to you. Our content is focused on the challenges that we know leaders face - with much of the programme written specifically for the needs of yourself and your cohort.

You will work within a small group of like-minded business professionals. Each of you will bring your own views, opinions and experiences from a range of different industries and backgrounds - so you will benefit from a rich mix of interesting and wide-ranging debate in the room.

 The thing that you will all have in common is wanting to develop yourself as a leader.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is designed for middle to senior managers – so you are likely to be:

  • A senior leader or director in a small organisation

  • Or a function head in a large organisation

  • Or a director or founding member of your own organisation

You are likely to be a professional who leads a team (either directly or indirectly) and is curious how to develop your own leadership skills. You may be keen to get on and want to be a step ahead of the others.

By the end of the programme you will;

  • feel confident in your ability as a credible leader

  • know how to navigate change effectively

  • be able to face into some of your greatest challenges

  • use a range of practical problem-solving techniques.

  • know how to inspire yourself and those around you

Sound interesting?

The current programme for 2019 is now fully booked however you can see the programme outline below.

Please get in touch for dates of our next programme

Orange segments with dates for website_LwC II 2019 (002).jpg

 There will be a maximum of 12 participants in the group to ensure that everyone has the space and opportunity to try things out, speak and be listened to and to build relationships with each other.

Each module will be delivered by one of our fully qualified Leadership School facilitators

Before the programme begins each participant will complete an online Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) diagnostic and take part in a telephone briefing.

In between each module there will be an element of practical coursework to complete (which we estimate will take approximately 1-2 hours).

All participants must commit to attending all six modules, the pre-work, coaching and the coursework.

Whats the investment?

Joining the June 2019 programme will cost £3,495 + VAT per person

If you are based in the West of England it maybe possibly to access a grant towards the cost of the programme. To find more go to www.businesswest.co.uk.

This programme includes:

               An individual Myers Briggs Type Indicator report

               A 121-pre-programme telephone briefing

               Two confidential 121 coaching sessions

               Six full day interactive workshops

              Access to an online library of the programme materials for one year

A supportive peer group to continue to learn and develop together