What people say about working with us

we used “the round” today to talk about the trickiest of our issues – with a 6 second rule pasted on the wall. It was the comfortably the best conversation that we have had on the subject and we agreed a way through it.
— Sep 19
Excellent facilitation -
fair, inclusive, clear and kind
— Sep 2019
The training yesterday was very well received by all. The comments were that Sharon was very good, she was down to earth which is very much appreciated in an industry such as ours and one manager, commented that it was the best training course he had been on
— July 2019
Wendy was incredibly engaging and made everyone feel included which encouraged open discussion and a positive atmosphere
— June 2019
Thanks Wendy! Really well led, very interesting and helpful.
— June 2019
The day with Sharon was really useful as I had to have a difficult challenging conversation the following day with a peer and having the 6-step process really helped in both having the conversation and also getting the courage to have it!
— Feb 2019
The workshop with Sharon was fantastic. Like with other sessions Sharon has delivered for us I found it to be both enjoyable & informative. I find Sharon’s style to be very personable & inclusive, for me this is a great environment to learn. I certainly feel upskilled & have new tools to use when approaching difficult conversations
— Feb 2019
Really enjoyed course on Wednesday.
Skills learned will be invaluable
— Feb 2019
Thank you so much for the coaching – it has really been of tremendous benefit to me. I have learned much, about myself as well as the handy tools and tips I like to take away with me You are excellent at what you do, and I will not hesitate to recommend The Leadership School to whomever I come into contact with who is looking for any of the services that you provide
— Feb 2019
I really don’t know how to thank you enough for a truly incredible weekend - we feel it has been transformative for the organisation and that we’ll look back on this as a turning point in the company’s history.

You got the perfect tone throughout the whole weekend - gently supporting and encouraging and creating the space for us all to do what we needed to do.

It was a very special experience for every single one of us and I think we’re all going to be reaping the benefits for a long time to come
— Jan 2019
It was a valuable couple of days and your facilitation was excellent. You let us talk and explore the issues and skilfully brought us back when the time was right!
— Jan 2019
Thanks for a fantastic meeting today - we’re both feeling so excited about the event and so pleased and reassured that we have you to facilitate it for us.
— Dec 18
Thank you for a really inspiring and motivating session today - lovely as always to see you and some fantastic ideas for moving forward. Thank you :)
— Dec 2018
I really enjoyed the workshop and have already started sharing some of the ideas with the team here
— Oct 2018
I am extremely grateful to Sharon for the opportunity to have these life-changing coaching sessions. Her calm manner, thoughtful approach, insight and wisdom have allowed me to develop not only in my leadership role but also personally. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for coaching
— Sept 2018
“This has been the most interesting and useful training we have ever held. I’d love to do more of it.”
— June 2018
Sharon delivered a two-part Coaching for success programme in 2018. The sessions proved to be eye-opening and confidence-boosting experience for our management team, both in terms of their confidence in tackling challenges within their own teams, but also in feeling better able to support each other through their day to day issues. Sharon’s open and engaging style was very well received - she is able to gain people’s trust quickly which is vital with the coaching subject. A very valuable experience and one I would recommend to any management team
— June 2018
Thank you for a really inspiring & uplifting session yesterday - really got me fired up :)
— June 2018
Fantastic, enlightening two days – I have learnt so much! I feel so much closer to the rest of the management team and have learnt a substantial amount about myself”
— June 2018
Working with Sharon was a pleasure. She took time to understand our needs and discuss options before pulling together a proposal that fully outlined how she planned to deliver our requirements with clear costs. Sharon facilitated two hugely successful workshops, where her warm and engaging approach maintained energy and enthusiasm throughout. The supportive post-event administration in drawing together the outcomes and providing this in a usable format, was incredibly helpful and set a clear direction of travel. A clear return on investment as the events would not have been as successful without Sharon’s involvement
— May 2018
As always it is so easy to work with you and I know you’ll deliver exactly what we need, thank you ! Thanks also for your flexibility when lunch overran and also for your supportive and calming words just when I needed it
— May 2018
Just a note to say a HUGE thanks for such a clear, thorough and useful report. We used it at our team meeting this week and it helped enormously to crystallise our next steps
— May 2018
Thanks for doing this so speedily. And thanks for doing an excellent job with us to - just the right amount of push, prod and shape our direction
— Jan 2018
I wanted to say a big thank you to you and Sharon for your energy, enthusiasm and professionalism during our conference. We really enjoyed working with you on this and know that we have added value with the work you did for us
— Nov 17
Whilst many courses and training sessions explore the theory, my sessions with Sharon really put models to practical use giving me the tools to improve my strategic planning and leadership skills, which I now use on a frequent basis. Would highly recommend
— July 2017
Thanks for managing the workshop so expertly, it’s great to know that we are in safe hands when discussing and working through some difficult issues
— March 2017
What a brilliant event. Really inspiring, really made me think. Not only that, I came out and immediately put into practice what had come out of the season
— Dec 2016