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Sharon Collier

Leadership Development Coach, Speaker and Facilitator

Sharon Collier is a passionate and experienced coach and organisational development specialist with almost 30 years’ experience and is the Founder of The Leadership School.

The Leadership School equips leaders with the skills and confidence to deal with the oranges and lemons of business life; the oranges being the sweet juice opportunities and the lemons being the sour challenges that life deals to us all

As a speaker, Sharon’s natural warmth and enthusiasm for her topic never fail to engage her audience.  She speaks with passion and conviction and inspires us all to become better leaders.  Sharon is eminently qualified and balances her academic qualifications with her knowledge and experience of organisations from the public, private and charity sectors. Her down to earth style and pragmatism mean that her talks motivate and engage her audience; and give them the confidence to act on what they’ve heard

What do people say about Sharon as a speaker?

“I particularly enjoyed Sharon's hands-on approach, which made the session compelling and interactive. I would definitely recommend one of Sharon's talks - a fruitful approach to leadership!”

 Sharon’s talk "Influencing with Integrity" was extremely well received and I have no hesitation in recommending Sharon and will certainly be looking to engage her for further CIMA speaking events.

"An excellent evening, the time just flew by. Very very useful participative session. Thanks, a great speaker"

"I tend to be very sceptical of management theories generally. However I found this to be an engaging and thought provoking event. More of the same please!”


At a recent CIMA event:                               

         100% of participants were satisfied or extremely satisfied with Sharon as a speaker

         89% were satisfied or extremely satisfied that the topic was relevant

         93% were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the quality of the content