Take a look at our My Way, Your Way, Our Way community event held at the Olive Shed Bristol on Wednesday 06 June 2019


Do you ever feel that there is an issue hovering around you but you just don’t want to head into it as you know that other people involved hold different opinions, thoughts and ideas than you - and that the situation is fraught with a whole load of emotion..?

Do you find yourself (or your team) avoiding the issue and ‘tip-toeing’ around it, gently treading on egg-shells and holding your breathe?

Is there an elephant in the room that no-one wants to call out?


Imagine for a moment that you had a simple six-step process that allows everyone to have their say and that might result in a positive, co-collaborated solution? How good would that be?!

At The Leadership School we have taken the five conflict-handling modes from the Thomas-Kilmann model (competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding and accommodating) and created a simple, practical and realistic approach that can be applied to any topic.

At ‘My Way, Your Way, Our Way’ we had time to play with the approach and see what everyone thought (plus the added bonus of working with like-minded business professionals, breakfast juice and warm pastries!)

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See what the people said about “My Way, Your Way, Our Way…”

The session was brilliant as usual and every time led differently
Good participation and energy - really well organised
Particularly LOVE the elephants as an “easy” way to introduce topics
Great to meet a diverse of people
Lots of discussion and sharing ideas, tools to takeaway that I can see working for us
It was brilliant to use the dialogue and six step process to develop ideas together in a time efficient effective collaborative way
Really active workshop, with loads of participation, facilitated really well, with a great balance of high quality info, opportunity for everyone to participate and reflection time