How the programme is structured.

 The programme includes the following elements and participants are required to commit to all of them:

•   A pre-programme telephone briefing

•   A Myers-Briggs Type Indicator report (if you are not familiar with MBTI then take a look at the FAQ section to find out more)

•   Confidential 121 accountability call (held with a member of your group) or coaching call (held with a qualified Leadership School coach)

•   Practical coursework to complete between modules

•   Six 1-day workshops that run over a period of five months:

 Module 1        Wednesday 23 October 2019           My Leadership Brand

includes time for you to start getting to know the rest of your group and we will look at what your Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tells you about your preferred leadership style and how you may come across to others. You will get chance to explore what your personal brand (or reputation) currently is and how closely that matches with what you want your brand to say about you. We will also start looking at what you want and need around you to be able to perform at your best as a leader.

Module 2        Thursday 24 October 2019              Leader as coach

provides the opportunity for you to consider how you can unlock the potential of those around you using a coaching approach, what coaching is (and what it isn’t!) and how you can develop your coaching skills to form part of your leadership toolkit.

Module 3        Tuesday 03 December 2019            Head and Heart

provides the opportunity to identify your own personal values and beliefs and how they underpin your preferred leadership style. We will look at how you can adapt your style to meet the needs of different individuals and situations and how to accurately read and interpret each one.

Module 4        Tuesday 21 January 2020                Walking and Talking

is all about relationships! Our focus here is on building trust-based relationships so that you can engage and motivate others (who may be your colleagues, your team, your line manager, the Board, your customers, your suppliers or even your family!). We take a look at the range of different stakeholders you interact with and how to vary your communication style to connect with each of them.

Module 5        Tuesday 03 March 2020                   Proof and Pudding

gives us chance to look at how you deliver the things that are most important to you, how you develop your own personal resilience to keep going when times are tough and how you can build a high-performing team around you.

Module 6        Tuesday 21 April 2020                      Setting myself up for the future

is the point at which we look forward to ensure that you have everything that you need to continue to develop yourself as a credible leader, be able to make robust decisions and be confident in your own ability to deal with life’s oranges and lemons!

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