Take a look at our Sharpen the Saw Leadership Community event held at Averys Wine Cellar Bristol on Wed 20 March 2019:


Leadership guru Stephen Covey writes that there are “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” with habit 7 being: Sharpen the Saw.

Imagine for a moment that you are walking in the woods and meet someone trying to saw down a tree. The person explains to you that they are exhausted as sawing the tree is hard work. You ask them why they don’t take a break for a moment to sharpen their saw so that it cuts faster; to which they reply;

“I don’t have time to sharpen the saw, I’m too busy sawing!”


We know that this is us too some of the time and we are so frantically busy that we don’t stop and develop our own skills as a leader to make ourselves more effective.

We held a fun, interactive and enjoyable evening where we shared some of our favourite leadership techniques so that participants can practically apply them in their roles.

They included

  • How to effectively lead change

  • Flexing and adapting your leadership style to get the best results

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See what the people said about having the opportunity to “Sharpen the Saw…”

Great content and amazing how much we covered given the time available – really rich
— Mar 2019
Brilliant to have such practical takeaways
— Mar 2019
Great to have a safe space when we could talk about similar experiences
— Mar 2019
Really enjoyable and thought provoking event
— Mar 2019
Wow – a very collaborative event. Really empathetic and not salesy!
— Mar 2019