Knowing Me, Knowing You

As human beings we are complex characters and no one of us is the same as another. Which can make it a pretty tricky business to really know and understand yourself and even trickier to really know and understand someone else

Imagine for a moment that you:

  • Understand more about what motivates you and what stresses you out

  • Can identify how you take in information, make decisions and communicate with others

  • Are able to use this information to adapt your style and language; so that you are better able to connect with others (and you no longer get that feeling that you are talking a different language to some!)

  • Have the opportunity to consider your own preferences and explore how you may be coming across to others

Wouldn’t that be powerful information to have..?

In this session we will use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to do all of these things and more! It will be a fun, interactive session where we will share information and techniques that will help you get to know yourself better and to think about how you use this to get to know others better too

It is suitable for anyone who is new to MBTI as well as those who may have completed a profile at some point in the past and would now like to consider what this knowledge means for them. Ahead of the session all participants will be invited to complete an on-line MBTI questionnaire to help identify their own profile and reports will be shared and discussed as part of the session

Want to run this type of a session in your organisation ?

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