Take a look at our Honest Conversations community event held at Averys Bristol on Wednesday 18 Sep 2019

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Honesty is a value that many people will say is important to them – and this typically includes holding honest conversations.

But it can sometimes be tricky to hold a really honest conversation - particularly when the situation is a sensitive one and you don’t want to upset the other person.

The majority of us have some type of conversation that we are finding it difficult to face into and the danger is, that the longer we put it off, the more difficult the conversation becomes!

So - how do you look someone in the eye and hold a genuinely honest conversation in a way that builds and maintains a positive relationship?

At The Leadership School we have created a simple and effective approach to holding honest conversations that is based on Susan Scott’s work “Fierce Conversations – achieving success one conversation at a time”

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The approach enables you to speak calmly and to clearly articulate your thoughts and feelings in a way that feels right and appropriate for you. It is a practical and useful tool that you will be able to use in any type of conversation – at work and at home too!


Plenty of honest conversations were had on the night accompanied with fine wine, bread, cheese and pate.

Hear some of the feedback from the evening …

Inspiring facilitator
I have learnt more in the last two hours than I have for ages
Interactive activities were brilliant and really helped me think differently
Good opportunity to meet people from different industries
Chance to reflect and discuss our feelings, thoughts and behaviours at a distance in consideration of a real life situation