Cutting Through The Noise 

Life can be busy and tough and there are times when we want and need to focus. But, let’s be honest, that can be really tricky when there is so much background noise going on…

We are living and working in an age of constant clamour - words, images, sounds, ideas, messages, information and expectations from all directions, bombarding us with physical, mental and emotional noise. This ‘noise’ not only affects each of us individually, but also affects the focus and success of our organisations and distracts us from our organisational purpose and goals. 

So how can we operate in a way that cuts through the noise and helps us as leaders to find clarity and to focus on what really matters?

Come and join us for a lively and thought-provoking 1-day event that is a perfect opportunity to explore how this “noise” affects you and your organisation, and to identify practical strategies and solutions to cut through it.  It is also a great opportunity  to connect and share ideas and experiences with leaders from other organisations and the day will include pragmatic workshops to look at three perspectives:

  • Being clear on what really matters in your organisation – how to stay focused on your organisation’s purpose, values and business rationale when making decisions 
  • When communicating to others - how to get the right messages through to the right people in the right way 
  • As a recipient - how to receive communications without ‘noise’ getting in the way and how to find or create space to think clearly