Cutting Through The Noise October 2018…….

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A lively, fun, interactive and thought provoking day on 10 October 2018 where we explored


Clarity of purpose;

where people focus on what really matters – working towards the organisation’s overall purpose, knowing how individual roles feed into that and making decisions based on clear business rationale

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Clarity of Thought;

where everyone consistently makes time and space for themselves and their teams to think clearly

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Clarity of Communication;

where people communicate with each other clearly, in a way that others really hear and understand and which reflect the clarity of organisational purpose

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See what people said about the day …..

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I had a fabulous day and learnt so much. Have lots of things to share within our company to make positive changes. Will be highly recommending you.
— Oct 2018
Thank you for yet another inspiring day
— Oct 2018
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Wanted to thank all of you for a great day - I really enjoyed it and have already started sharing some of the ideas with the team here
— Oct 2018