Resilience is often described as: “being able to bounce back from setbacks and stay effective in the face of tough demands and difficult circumstances” In today’s world we are faced with an ever-increasing bombardment of information to process, decisions to make, people to deal with and new experiences to deal with. Sometimes those days work out just fine – but sometimes they don’t! How well do we deal with the days when things don’t go to plan; the moving goalposts, the curved balls and the set-backs that we face?

Resilience is increasingly being identified as a core leadership skill, so… how can we improve our bounce-back-ability?

In this fun and interactive session we look at:

  • Identifying what chips away at our resilience and what restores it

  • Tools and techniques that help us ‘bounce-back’ and keep our resilience topped up

  • How to foster an environment of ‘bounce-back-ability’ to support those around you

  • Where we want to focus our energy and attention


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