The Art of Delegation (and the practical reality of doing it well!)

There is a lovely quote that says “You can do anything but you can’t do everything” and being able to effectively delegate to others is a critical business skill.

But it’s not one that many people find easy!

It is sometimes described as “entrusting others to complete a task” and the element of needing to trust someone else can be one of the things that can get in the way. Along with – what should or could I be delegating, who to, how do I actually do it and how do I know that they will be able to do it as well as me?

In this session we will look at the art of delegating well, removing and the practical reality of making it work for you.

In this half-day Taster Topic we will

·         Look at the art of delegating well and identify what some of the barriers may be that are currently holding you back

·         Answer the questions of why, what, when, where, who to and (most importantly) how

·         Share knowledge, experience, tools and techniques and have some fun!


Date: Wednesday 04 July 2018

Venue: Armada House, Telephone Ave, Bristol, BS1 4BQ

Timings: 9.30am -12.30pm (with coffee and networking from 9am)

Cost: £155 - with an Early Bird offer of £125 if booked by 06 June

Book here for Wednesday 04 July 2018


Taster Topics are designed to be short, fun interactive sessions filled with tasty information, practical tools and techniques. They are half-day workshops designed to give participants a taste of The Leadership School and are ideal for organisations looking to try us out for the first time, trusted partners looking to find out more about what we do and individuals who are looking to develop themselves and their own skills