Have you ever got to the end of the day, reflected back and wondered what you have been doing all day?! The things you intended to do are all still there, waiting for you to get around to them, and whilst you have been working hard all day you just haven’t had chance to pay them any attention. Sound familiar..?

In his book ‘Leading from the future as it emerges’ Otto Scharmer describes “successful leadership depends on the quality of attention and intention that the leader brings to any situation”

What we know from working with busy leaders is that the ‘intention’ is often there but paying ‘attention’ is tricky when there are so many other demands being made of you and distractions to lure you away

In this session we will:

  • Take a look at what gets in the way of our best ‘intentions’ and stops us paying quality ‘attention’ to the things that are most important to us

  • Explore how to identify exactly what is most important to us and how to find time to focus here

  • Identify different options and approaches; and how to select the one that is right for you

  • Discuss how to say ‘no’ to some of the distractions and demands on our time

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