Change Agility

When we use the word ‘change’ what are we referring to? Is it the difference between choosing tuna mayo as our sandwich filling as opposed to our customary chicken salad? Or is it about choosing this job over that one? Or is it about decisions that may have a major impact not only on yourself but on others around you?

Of course – the answer is that change can be all of these things. From deciding what to have for lunch, where to work or when driving major change throughout an organisation (which could include restructures, relocations, a new company approach and so much more)

For such a small six-letter word it is incredibly powerful and the word itself has the ability to create anxiety and concern for some people; whilst simultaneously energising and exciting others

So – what is it about change that creates such amazingly different responses in people and how can we use this information to better equip ourselves and those around us?

In this session we will:

  • Take a realistic look at the changes that we are each currently facing

  • Explore the neuroscience of change and gain an insight into why it excites some and creates dread in others

  • Discuss how different people approach and deal with change; whether it is driven by them or by others

  • Compare different approaches to leading others through change and how to influence people to ‘buy-in’

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