The Leadership School is proud to sponsor the Leadership Community

Our vision at The Leadership School is to create a community of local business managers and leaders who are there to support (and sometimes challenge) each other. We know that managers and leaders can sometimes feel isolated or disconnected and believe that the challenges we face are ‘ours’ and are not also being faced by others

In reality we often all face similar challenges and it can be reassuring to be able to discuss what these are with like-minded people who are ready to share their thoughts, experiences and ideas

We host quarterly Round Table events as opportunities not to sell your business but to connect with others. There are no ‘one-minute’ rounds and the focus is on relaxing, having fun and connecting with each other to build supportive relationships

Each time there is a different topic and sometimes we invite a speaker to join us whilst other times we use the time to explore the topic in more depth and to spend more time connecting with each other

Our next event will be a breakfast event on

Thurs 06 June


Future events for 2019 will be held on

Wed 18 Sep

Wed 4 Dec