We describe your Leadership Brand as

“the words that people use to describe you when you are not in the room”


Do you know how people describe you when you are not in the room?

Do you want to know?

Would it be useful to receive honest feedback about your impact as a leader?

At The Leadership School we can help you find out!

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We run an anonymised service that enables the people that you work with to provide honest feedback on the impact that you are having as a leader.

In his book, Leadership Plain and Simple, Steve Radcliffe describes this as “impact felt vs impact intended”

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The service we offer includes:

  • ·         An initial confidential coaching session in which you work with a Leadership Coach to identify and explore the words that you would like people to use to describe you.

  • ·         The administration of an anonymised feedback questionnaire which is sent to the people you work closely with for them to provide their honest thoughts and experiences of you. This might include customers, suppliers, external partners, direct reports, peers and your line manager.

  • ·         The collation of the feedback into one single report and a second coaching session where you work through the report with your Leadership Coach.


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