The Leadership School is proud to sponsor the Leadership Community

Our Leadership Community events are opportunities for business professionals who want to develop their leadership skills to get together, discuss their challenges, share experiences and pick up handy tools, techniques and approaches.

We know that managers and leaders can sometimes feel isolated or disconnected and believe that the challenges we face are ‘ours’ and are not also being faced by others . In reality we often experience similar challenges and it can be reassuring to be able to discuss what these are with like-minded people who are ready to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas too.

We also know that, at times, we put ourselves at the bottom on the list and don’t necessarily make time for our own development as a leader. It can be useful to be able to pick up, play with and explore practical leadership development tools and techniques that we can use for ourselves.

At The Leadership School our aim is to create a community of local managers and leaders from a wide-range of different industries; who get together on a quarterly basis to:

  • develop their own leadership skills

  • share ideas and experiences

  • connect together

We host these invitation-only, quarterly events as opportunities for you not to sell your business (there are no ‘one-minute’ rounds!) but to develop yourself as a leader and build supportive relationships with others. You are welcome as our guests and so we don’t make a charge for the events and the focus is on relaxing, having fun and learning together.

Take a look at past events here…

Our next event is on Thur 05 Dec